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True Culture University is a Pan - African collegiate Platform. In the advent of the 21st century the internet provides a unique opportunity for the highest level of accessible communication between continental Africans and Diaspora Africans that has never been seen before in history. By publishing student written articles on issues pertaining to Africans both globally and locally, True Culture U. will foster communication as well as an understanding of various viewpoints. Being African is split into a multitude of sub groups, however, we at True Culture University believe through communication - understanding can be achieved that allows an emphasis on our similarities rather than our differences. Most importantly, True Culture U. is committed to establishing and fostering connections between all African descended people - whether you are  in America, the Caribbean, South America, or the Continent itself- cultivating a new collective mindset for the 21st and 22nd century. 

Connecting College Campuses Throughout Africa and the Diaspora. One Campus at a time. 

"We are all kinsman, all members of an extended family. Members of a unit; a collective. Though we all hail from various tribes and backgrounds- being African is our unifier. With varying circumstances we have created cultures out of tradition, necessity, and influence. Through communication We can CREATE a collective culture in addition to our inherent. This collective culture has the potential to take the best of our cultures to determine a “True Culture"- a global black culture based on understanding  of one another. A culture that allows us to unify despite our differences, while at the same time showcasing them. A culture that I imagine will encourage Love and Respect for both Continental and Diaspora Africans. So the time is now, let us determine what this new True Culture will be."
— Miles Henderson, True Culture U. Founder


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