Student Government Update #1

Quoy, IUP

The student government association is here for you.  There are student leaders who are interested in your concerns and ideas. There are some bright cookies in there too.  As a student at IUP you have access to the SGA's power through your fellow students.  As I sat in my first student government meeting, I was greeted with smiles and inspiration of a better tomorrow.

The first thing I want to address is the senators.  There is a collection of senators a good 5-9 people, and there are still open positions.  But the senators serve as a middle man between certain campus group and the campus as a whole.  For instance, our IT senator has confirmed that they are working on improving the mobile app.  For those of you who don’t know IUP has a mobile app, which puts iMail, and D2L in the palm of your hand.  In addition, to getting more apps.  That’s exciting.

We even have a senator for our safety and well-being. He brought up some interesting points.  I personally am not a fan of cameras and the line they with privacy but for everyone’s safety, cameras in IUP parking lots is something that’s being worked on.   

There are senators for anything, almost, you could join the SGA and make a voice for anyone.  We're interested in giving a voice to the SGA, yours.  After the meeting I was inspired to run for Public Affairs Senator.  

IUP, let me write, speak, and act on your behalf.