Christianity Within the Black Community

Alura Johnson, IUP

President of NAACP, IUP Chapter

There is a lot of significant evidence to show that Christianity is constructed and was used by Europeans to keep African slaves oppressed. Christianity originated from Africa (specifically out of Egypt), with a different name. It was then altered, modified, and presented to African slaves to brainwash them into believing that the white race is above all other races in support of the Bible.

Christianity was used to keep African slaves chained, oppressed, and belittled- but there is much beauty in how those slaves took Christianity and turned it into something uplifting (rather than manipulative) & that should be highly respected. African slaves took the same Christianity that was used to degrade them and turned it into hope. African slaves took the same Christianity that was used to smother their voices and turned it into beautiful African gospels. African slaves took the same Christianity that was used to keep them in chains and fought for freedom with it.

No. I am not saying that Christianity is the only reason why African slaves made so much progress. That is far from what I am saying. My point is, there is so much beauty within the African slaves who turned something cold, inhumane, and oppressing (white Christianity) into HOPE.


So for everyone who bashes the black people that still believe in Christianity, would you bash the slaves that used it to their power? No. It gave them hope. It helped them fight for freedom. And once again... for Christianity to be held over their heads as a inhumane punishment but they had to courage to take it and turn it into something so beautiful, that should be respected.

Now is definitely the right time for our black community to begin waking up, and stop using the Christianity that has been arranged to be oppressive to many groups but dominant within the white race. However; to say that you cannot be "woke" and a Christian is unjustified. For years, Christianity has been used as a stool within the black community to get many of our people through hardships, unlawful actions, racism, systematic abuse, and oppression (still to this day.) The black community began taking the Christianity that was created to keep their ancestors in chains and turning it into strength to fight against all of their oppressors. They began using it as a method of peace, just like many of our heroes, such as Martin Luther King Jr. did.

Dissuading is not something that will happen over night, due to the fact that many people just aren't educated enough about Christianity within the black community. Or simply because Christianity has been strongly upheld for so long within these black families, that they are afraid to face the truth. But the best thing we can do is educate. We shouldn't be taking away the right to be "woke" from our black communities, we should be educating each other and creating more knowledge to use to our power...