God is...

Aaeron Sykes, IUP

I was taught by many that God is one entity ruling over the world with absolute power. He controls life and death. He can manipulate the weather at will, for better or worse. I was taught that God is one being that looks over the world like a person with a snow globe, and how his feet rest on the world like a man on a couch with both feet propped on a stool. What I am discovering is that I was taught the incorrect thing. God isn’t a big man in the sky with his feet propped up. He doesn’t have control over nature or has absolute power over anything.

I believe that God is me. I believe that God is you. God is every blade of grass, every leaf on a tree. God is every insect, every animal, and every breath that we breathe. More importantly, God is not a He. I have come to learn we spend so much time worshipping the sun/son or believing heliocentric ideologies as the only way to live and find true love, peace, and happiness. I suppose I should say I was taught heliocentrism is the only way to find heaven.  

My problem with this philosophy is that I believe every creature makes up the deity. Aside from all this, we know that God and heaven are practically synonymous. So if we are indeed God, which I greatly believe, then we are also heaven. We are heaven doesn’t really flow much, so let me say that as God, we can find heaven within us. I will provide a little more insight on this matter later on.

I have learned that Christianity stops us from looking deep within ourselves. If I was to ask a Christian to tell me who they are, I am almost certain the first words they will say is, “I am a child of God, I am a God fearing…, I am a Christian.” not one of these things resonate with the true being that they are. There is no real awareness of self, but utter awareness of their God and the relationship they have with this holy being.

We are told to look into the Sun/Son for all help, all forgiveness, and absolute love. In placing our undivided attention in this version of God, we fail to look into ourselves. This makes it impossible to acknowledge the depths of our very own being. Forever being told to look up, inhibits us from internal reflection.

Our failure to look within ourselves for guidance prevents us from seeing that all living creatures are connected, like the myriad of different notes that make up a symphony. I believe people see that all things are different and unique in their own respective light yet have nothing linking us together. The truth is we are exclusive in our very own existence, yet alone we are nothing. It is our connection, the harmony of all beings coming together that allow God to manifest. Though I did say God is me and God is you, I am not proclaiming I am a God and I am not proclaiming that you are a God. Let us refer to the music notes and a symphony once more. I ask that you visualize sheet music. We see the entire set up. We notice all the lines, the small shapes, and figures extending the length of those lines spanning from the top all the way down to the bottom of the sheet. A musician, an individual enlightened within the art, sees much more.  They understand that each note, whether it be quarter, eight, 16th or whole, along with every pause is vital for the tune to be considered divine. Alone no single music note is the song, but all the notes together.  I am aware that there may be a counter-argument for this analogy. I imagine that someone might say “Well who created/wrote the song?” at this present moment my answer to this is, WE do. All of us together, our actions, vibrations, frequencies or the way we go about living life is the tune we play. When every note or tune is on one accord then the symphony is finally harmonized.

I have learned if we no longer make giving our life to a God in the sky our objective, we can see the real song. When we learn that everything is God, ourselves included, we will treat everything and everyone as equals; we are all on the same page. In order to do that we must have trust. Though we cannot trust each other if we are taught to only have complete trust and faith in a sky God alone. With this being true, how can I ever really learn to trust and have faith in others?

Something I realized while serving this heliocentric God, was that “you can never understand God, God is God. Only when you get to heaven can you ask him all the questions and receive all the answers.” I have heard this line repeatedly. What I have come to comprehend is that if you can never understand God then you can never understand yourself. How can you be like someone you don’t really understand? This is when looking within and gaining knowledge of self becomes essential to one’s existence. When you gain this precise knowledge you will understand who you are. Who you are is God.

Heaven. We learn through Judaism that Heaven is the place that God resides. Only when one has lived by His commandments and served Him in truth, will that individual be able to enter the pearly gates. As I mentioned earlier, I find conflict with this as well. An ancient proverb that originates from Alkebulan goes like so, “The kingdom of heaven is within you; and whosoever shall know himself shall find it.” I believe this makes perfect sense. Once again, God and heaven are essentially synonymous. If we are God and we learn who we are, we can also discover that paradise known as heaven. This utopia isn’t necessarily a place that you go to, but something you find as a part of you. It is a network linking you to your ancestors and all others both dead and alive. Like the very first music note, though it has come and passed, will always remain connected to the final note played.  Heaven is tapping into that symphony and being able to hear the sound of every participant to ever have a vibration. It is being at ultimate peace and having absolute understanding of one’s self. When heaven is found within you, the next step in a sense, is to extract it and allow those around you to gain their sense of what heaven is. When they are able to see you in this new found light their process to finding heaven begins.

The key to looking in is mediation.

Stay blessed.