The African Youth

Bright Ofori, University of Ghana

Young people have the natural physical force to make positive things happen or specialize in negative things. The Holy Scripture says the glory of a young man is his strength. It also says remember your creator in your youthful days. The strength to run marathons, the energy to somersault or run a hundred meters under ten seconds! the resounding Olympic theme can only be for the Young:faster, higher, and stronger.–thats for you and I.

The special abilities or talents of young people cannot be emphasized. Every human whether young or old has unique qualities and abilities.These abilities,however, peak during our youthful age. Who told you, young people cant make it? Bill Gate, the richest man on earth, made the “Microsoft Story” at the age of 20. Ghana is yet to have the youngest female parliamentarian in its history. 22year old Francisca Oteng Mensah, just won the parliamentary primaries on the ticket of NPP. How old are you and who said you are too young?

It’s high time Africa youth start making things happen–time to be instrument of positive change, time to realize this is not the best for our Continent, time to make the world move, time to do this, time to do that. –The time is NOW or never!! Dear friends in Africa, lets rise and fight harder. Lets keep pressing on to higher grounds. Ghana's national anthem calls on us to rise as youth for our country, continent, family and ourselves.

I might be talking too much of an African, YES, because that’s who I am and what I have. ” I am an African not because I was born in Africa, but because Africa was born in me” Bright Ofori.