Black Is'nt Bad!

 Philipa Gyamfi, University of Ghana

I was gonna shout and scream from my lungs,
But I was forced to let my words hung.
They were scared what I would say,
They were scared my words would come and stay,
I mean they always did,
And they ?..they always hid.

I couldn't sit and pretend that everything was fiction,
So I served to them reality in pure diction,
That while we were wearing Amarni,  Toms and claiming we're on a cruise.
They were stealing our money, crops and leaving us all with a bruise.

They hated my prediction, called me the prophet of doom-
But am not a Jeremiah
All I ever did was spark a fire that would lead them from gloom.

And I wasn't the Messiah.
It was just my desire,
to take of the dark shades they were wearing in the name of designer

So with their real eyes, they'd realize, they didn't need to be real nice, to be recognized for who they are ...not second class!

But they wouldn't fight
for what is right,
All in the name of peace ! 

But why settle for a piece when you can have all you please? 
Fight for your right and still hold your peace. 

They say when you eat your cake you'd have none,
I say you can walk right into a store and buy one-

See they lie son!  
Wake up and see sun! 
Blackness doesn't mean darkness
And settling for mediocrity is like giving away thy sanity.

But tell èm
I refuse to let this craze take me to the Asylum.
I keep having constant sessions of depression anytime I ask myself these questions

Why can't we look past the discrimination and human colourisation ?
Why fight for what is rightfully our portion? 

Tell me ! 
Does equality exist only in mathematical equations or solely in my impractical imagination? 

Thoughts sunk deep
And my mind won't sleep
So I put in black and white the words I have been holding back with all might
That's when it struck me !
That the only place where black and white coexisted peacefully was on paper! 
And then I asked myself why ?

I wish I could play the keyboard to unlock the secrets to harmony
The answer to this irony
But it's iron this-

Black isn't bad
Otherwise why would the farmer insist the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice
If black had no use ? can mistake my defence for defiance
But I am breaking bounds,
Call me deviant

All I want is a fraction of the world that's not partial
Or is it only in the world of shoe polish we can scream neutral? !
Isn't it natural that the colours in the world blend to make up nature? 
So why nurture this demeanour to mean our culture? 

Torture me no more! 
We want peace doesn't mean no war

Tell them your eminence
That we are not any less .

We need to move into the gleam and out of this darkness
We need to realise that we can also fly first class and not settle for this madness
Mark this ! 
I won't stop till we make this !

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