News Report

Habibah H., Arcadia University

Click click, scroll scroll

Can’t tell the President of the U.S. apart from an internet troll.

News conferences look like skits of SNL featuring Alec Baldwin in a bad wig.

One man. Division. Tiki torches and twisted perception. Altered reality. Police brutality.

Does history repeat itself? Is that Massa in the white house? Hush child. Shut your mouth. You best not talk bout them folk like that. Grandma in the rocking chair humming cause we in our last days. In many ways.

They overseas fightin’ again. Them black folks inciting a riot again. Dem white mens buyin dem guns again. B.L.M, N.R.A, D.A.C.A. Here go them acronyms again.

Hate crime on the rise. But white men ain’t terrorist. Just sick individuals who needed a therapist. It’s all about skin. Cause’ that’s all they see. White skin is enough to get you a rifle and march through the streets. White supremacists. Blacks too sensitive.

Be safe, it’s crazy in these streets. Pump that fist. Take that knee. Here come Massa “boy don’t you disrespect my country.” Those statues coming down but we can’t erase history. Cops got acquitted for that murder again. Justice system a mystery.

He on twitter again. White people bitter again. Is it true or not. Who knows, you choose. That’s all for now folks.

This is your daily report of America’s fake news.