Black Screens; White Projections

Diarra Clarke, Chathmam University

What is the true culture of our states; our states of being, our states of seeing, our states of residence? There’s a pattern in history in which this can be answered: projections of inferiority, and the power of exclusion.

Insecure States of Be-ing

The most annoying stereotypes about Black huemans may be fried chicken; although burning bodies and laying their bones to marinate in “blood and soil” is one that is oriented in Whiteness. Spark.

It’s understood that the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice it bleeds. We’re dissecting the art of projection that Whiteness has used: their actions hold a threat of reminding us where we came from and in the White minds’ view, it is that of slavery; but as our toes burned to the ground- from ashes we rise and stand. Now, we stand proud in our Blackness and shout, ‘we gon be alright!!’. Keep it burnin’.

Studying Afro-centric narratives between hoods, cities, and globally we find a trend. Sometimes this looks like the #NegroSilentProtestParade , that took place in rebellion of the lynching of 10,000  Black bodies. Imagine that-  marching silently to protest for their rights to life. Mobs hosted by the White thugs killed more than 100 Black people, and “more than 6,000 Black people were burned out of their homes”. They gathered to watch us burn- like BET & the NFL #ColinKaepernick. The essence of our people is cosmic even in silence; we had begun to internalize the systemic hatred that identified us as weak soldiers, teaching us that retreat was better than confrontation. * cite Lauryn Hill’s Unplugged No. 2.0, Interlude 3 * Keep it burnin’.

 Artist Rendition of the Black Womban

Artist Rendition of the Black Womban

The ignorance of Whiteness showed it’s ass when Donald was elected into office, Black bodies went in their cocoon and white feminists ran around screaming “the sky is falling”!  Us, as Black huemans live among the darkness when the sky is falling on our heads- but we learned to navigate the stars that way. #BlackWombenAreGod. Black women stride with indignant righteousness– and that is for every time they screamed, ‘the sky is falling’, and white women stepped on. For every time we had boogeymen in the closet and learned to shadow box monsters in our every waking step. Now, we have put the phones down and the fists up to halt these weapons that have formed against us- for we all know, they shall not prosper. #BlackGirlMagic and #BlackLivesMatter, as a movement, was resistance of the ideologies that Black & Brown stories were exclusive, that we were inherently deserving of this vicious treatment. The insecurities of White America played like a broken record, they told us their fears through inception. Our curves- their lack of: the Kardashian’s copied and pasted the shape of Black women but we know, “our backs tell stories no books have the spine to carry”, #Women of Colour by Rupi Kaur.



 Artist renditition of the Berlin Conference 

Artist renditition of the Berlin Conference 

In Ghana ,we spoke of political parallels and propaganda that Western media has pushed through the veins of  “third-world” countries. In 1845-46,"#The Berlin Conference, was Africa's undoing in more ways than one. White men who held no genetic ties to the land decided to quench the thirsts of patriarchal vultures; thirsty for the blood of Black land and bodies. So they could learn what we knew through divine connection. So they could challenge the Creator in the deepest of valleys and the sharpest of peaks with their phallic deities and  structures. Keep it burnin’.

This trauma forces Black minds to form a psychology of minority, inferiority, and complacency. The poison of separating kin is that we think our stories are exclusive. This is what has led to the suffocation of Black expression. This is a state of being; mind states.

This caste system separation also took root in the states in which we reside. Our generation is most familiar with the Bloods & Crips- connection - child soldier armies that round up in the gullies of South Sudan: upward of 145 children lost in the war. India:a swelling total of 3,000 child soldiers. In these spaces you can always find the breadcrumb trails of Western patriarchy: America breeds money off of tactics born to keep the Black body burnin’.

They, the sons, grandsons, and nephews of the same men who filled The Berlin Conference seats centuries ago, have found the pattern it takes to break the Black body. * cites Killing the Black Body: Race, Reproduction, and the Meaning of Liberty by Dorothy Roberts * They exclude us from all that is native, familiar, and culturally divine and tell us that we are suffering alone- connection- in Black and Brown communities we are more likely to suffer from asthma, cancer and other disease that read, in the spiritual realm, of re-, o-, and su- ppression. We suffer from division, jealousy, intolerance, and internalized inferiority complexities. The civil wars from the streets of the Bronx to Bangladesh leave shell shock to dawn on the souls that have lost souls.

Keep it burnin’, and America, God bless you if it’s good to you…

Authors note: Welcome, as you read please take not of any “#” or citations; this is an opportunity for you to research the trend and do your cultural work.