Our Lives Matter

Taylor Dumpson, American University

Because my thoughts are racing and wandering...
Trayvon could have been my friend,
Eric could have been my father,
Michael could have been my classmate,
Tamir could have been my brother,
Stephon could have been my soulmate,
Alton could have been my uncle,
And the lists go on
On replay, broadcasted for the world to see
Still I cry “How can this be?”
That each of these beautiful black soul’s
had a bullet as their mate,
And executioners from the State,
“The State of Chaos. This is America, naive chile.”
3/5th of a person, they showed you your place
Ignored your humanity because of your race.
A nation of hypocrisy.
Hypocrisy, can’t you see
this nation was not intended
for you or for me
Me, a black woman in America. I am fearful
Fearful for the very lives I am attached to;
and for the lives I can create.
I am fearful for the unborn child
And their predetermined fate,
Fate is for God to determine, not man,
“this is not normal,” yet it happens every day
My life matters, and so do theirs, I demand
I wish I was surprised when their killers walk away,
But I’m not.
Not surprised; numb.