Our Partnerships

True Culture University prides itself on it's various partnerships with different institutions and organizations on IUP's campus. Below you will find a list of our partnership and how we serve one another. 


College of Humanities and Social Sciences 

The Dean of the College, Dr. Yaw Asamoah is the advisor to the campus organization True Culture University at IUP. Additionally, the college has partnered with the platform as a means to showcase the various perspectives of students at the university, working closely with the Journlism and English Department.  

Pan-African Studies Program

The Pan-African Studies program is an academic minor at IUP. The program and it's professors will be working with their students to publish powerful academic essays that were previously written in their classes. Content submission being open to professors as well. 

Pan-African Studies.jpg


The Penn Newspaper 

We have partnered with the The Penn Newspaper as an additional means of showcasing the student written articles of the True Culture U. team on campus. The articles our local writers produce will be featured in The Penn.