To​ ​Be​ ​Me

Rushawn Brown, University of New Haven

My hair is a crown coarse like sand,

I come from royalty, unapologetically born black.

Born into something you had no control over

Ignorant to who I really am, perpetuating a

Culture I was forced into. Internally questioning

Myself, externally holding my head high.

Pride In my character, inquisitive of my heritage.

What Does it mean to be me in society? How

Do I fit in when I inevitably stand out? 

Woe was me, in the motherland I am the norm.

Shall I sulk in sadness because here I am

Divergent. For an instant I almost fell prey

To the self hate fed to my brothers and sisters from birth.

I embrace the color of my skin, what others see

And fear, I use as armor.